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JDM Connection Inc. – Purchasing Japan Stock Agreement


Phone: 1-780-908-7306 - Fax: 1-888-841-8472 -


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Maximum target price: CAD $Price (estimated landed in Vancouver, cleared customs total)





- I understand that JDM Connection Inc. is an agent / broker and act as my agent throughout the export and import process.

- I understand that the vehicle is being imported to Canada in my own name, not JDM Connection Inc.

- I understand that as an agent / broker JDM Connection Inc. does not offer a formal warranty on the vehicles, such as an automotive vehicle dealer does.

- I understand that although the export and import process take on average 5-7 weeks, there are delays that can happen and this timeline is not guaranteed.

- I understand that the vehicle I am importing is 15 years old or older and has wearable parts. As such I understand that I have a separate budget for reconditioning if so needed (tires, brake pads / rotors, suspension and components, etc.)

- I understand that the price I speak to JDM Connection Inc. about is inclusive of all fees related to exporting and importing the vehicle to BC port, including customs clearance. I understand this figure does not include shipping past BC if needed and provincial inspection and related costs.

- I understand that the vehicle being imported will not need to go through a federal inspection but will need to go through an out of province inspection.

- I confirm that I am 18 years old or older and if I am not then my legal guardian will also sign this form.

- I understand that upon signing this form I am paying JDM Connection Inc. service fee of $999.00

- I understand that my deposit is 100% non-refundable upon signing this agreement 

(Please remember to fax or scan/email a copy of all payment to us toll free on 1-888-841-8472)




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